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We provide data services to businesses and organizations in Modesto CA and all California cities. With over 3 decades of experience in the database business, you won’t find a company that can solve your specific database needs with higher quality service or better prices than Northwest Database Services. No matter what your specific need is, our team will find a data service solution to suit your situation.


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Northwest Database Services is a full-spectrum data service that has been performing data migration, data scrubbing, data cleaning, and de-duping data services for databases and mailing lists, for over 34 years. NW Database Services provides data services to all businesses, organizations, and agencies in Modesto CA and surrounding communities.

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Database Services

When you need your data to speak to you regarding your business’s trends, buying patterns or just whether or not your customers are still living.

Data Transformation

We provide data transformation services for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations typically used in data migration or restoration projects.

De-duplication Service

Duplication of data plagues every database and mailing list. Duplication is inevitable, constantly keeps growing and erodes the quality of your data.

Direct Mail - Presorts

It’s true the United States Postal Service throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: “Mailing list cleanup.

Email-Phone Append

With access to more than 500 million email addresses, Northwest Database Services uses one of the most comprehensive and unique data sets in the industry.


Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which makes us do the work to maintain a high-quality mailing list while you focus on your business.

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Data cleaning, data cleansing and data scrubbing in Modesto CA at NW Database Services

What’s the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data?

It is difficult to distinguish quantitative data from qualitative data. So what is the difference?

Quantitative data can be measured and counted, but qualitative data is descriptive and often unstructured. They are usually written and text. For example, a status on Facebook or an interview transcript can be considered qualitative data. Qualitative data can also be referred to as the “descriptors” that you use to describe specific attributes. These labels can be used to describe qualitative data, such as the color of someone’s hair as auburn or the flavor of ice cream as vanilla.

Qualitative data can’t be used to analyze statistical data. Instead, analysts and researchers will try to identify meaningful themes and groups.

Quantitative data refers to data that can be counted or quantifiable. Qualitative data refers to data that is descriptive and relates to words. Qualitative data can be analyzed statistically; quantitative data can be grouped and classified according to themes.

Examples of quantitative data are numerical values like cost, weight, measurements. Qualitative data includes descriptions (or labels of) certain attributes such as brown eyes or vanilla flavored ice cream.

We now know the difference, so let’s move on to the quantitative data.

What Are the Various Types of Quantitative Data?

There are two types of quantitative data that can be used: continuous and discrete.

Discrete Data

Discrete data is quantitative data that only takes on certain numerical values. These numbers cannot be broken down because they are fixed. You get discrete data when you count something. This is the case for three children. It is impossible for them to have more than 3.2 children.

Another example of discrete data is the number of visitors to your website. You could have 150 visits per day but not 150.6 visits. You can visualize discrete data using pie charts, bar charts and tally charts.

Continuous Data

On the other hand, continuous data can be infinitely reduced into smaller pieces. This type of quantitative data can be placed on an measurement scale. For example, it could indicate the length of a string in centimeters or the temperature in Celsius. Continuous data can be any value, it doesn’t have to be fixed. Continuous data can fluctuate over time, as the room temperature changes throughout the day. A line graph is used to represent continuous data. There are two types of continuous data: interval data and ratio data.

Northwest Database Services has 34+ years experience with all types of data services, including mail presorts, NCOA, and data deduplication. If your database systems are not returning poor data, it is definitely time for you to consult with a data services specialist. We have experience with large and small data sets. Often, data requires extensive manipulation to remove corrupt data and restore the database to proper functionality. Call us at (360)841-8168 for a consultation and get the process of data cleaning started as soon as possible.

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City of Modesto CA Information

Modesto Welcome Arc in Modesto CA

A small agricultural town located in Central California in the Central Valley, Modesto has a remarkable charm to it. Located just 68 miles from the state capital of Sacramento, Modesto has a farm-to-table lifestyle. Some of the top places to visit in Modesto include the Gallo Center for the Arts, Moaning Caverns Adventure Park, Stanislaus National Forest, Gallo Family Winery, McHenry Mansion, and Museum.


Modesto was founded as one of the railroad towns of the San Joaquin Valley. In the late 1860s, the Big Four comprising Leland Stanford, Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker, and Mark Hopkins, announced their plans to construct a railroad in the valley to connect the northern and the southern part of the state. When they decided to extend the railroad, they failed to secure land grants. Even before the railroad was finished, people started to settle down in the area and started farming. One can even today find the original town layout where there are numbered streets parallel to that of the Union Pacific Railroad and the lettered streets to the perpendicular. By the middle of the 20th century, Modesto had developed into a well-established agricultural city and had a number of related businesses to support it. Modesto has contributed immensely towards the development of the area.


Modesto has a Mediterranean climate with hot and sunny summers and mild and wet winters. However, there is some difference. The summers have a diurnal temperature, which is hot during the day and cool at night. You’ll find a lot of fog forming at night during the winter. The rainy season is short, and it rains rarely. The temperature of Modesto lies between 47.5°F and 26°F throughout the year.


Modesto has a large number of young adults and young couples looking to start a family. It has a diverse and young community with an average of 35 years. About two-thirds of the city population is Caucasian, while 25% are Hispanic, with the rest being Asian or African-American. Prospering businesses and growing vacancies in the commercial and industrial sectors in the area are attracting more people to the city.


The best way to get around Modesto is by car, but you will also find other public transportation for getting around. You will find a number of buses within the city limits connecting major parts of cities to each other. There are two heavy rail stations – Amtrak and Empire Traction helping people commute in and out of the city to the nearby areas and even to other cities in California. You’ll also find local taxis easily in the city to take you around.

Top Businesses

With agriculture being the prominent economic player in Modesto, it is no surprise that its top employers are wineries and related businesses. Other jobs are available with farms, vegetable patches, fruit tree farms, nut tree ranches, and local dairy farms. The largest employers in Modesto include Del Monte Foods, E&J Gallo Winery, and other food processing companies. People also work elsewhere, including in the county, city government, and healthcare jobs.


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