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We provide data services to businesses and organizations in Spokane WA and all Washington Cities. With over 3 decades of experience in the database business, you won’t find a company that can solve your specific database needs with higher quality service or better prices than Northwest Database Services. No matter what your specific need is, our team will find a data service solution to suit your situation.

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Northwest Database Services is a full-spectrum data service that has been performing data migration, data scrubbing, data cleaning, and de-duping data services for databases and mailing lists, for over 34 years. NW Database Services provides data services to all businesses, organizations, and agencies in Spokane WA and surrounding communities.

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Database Services

When you need your data to speak to you regarding your business’s trends, buying patterns or just whether or not your customers are still living.

Data Transformation

We provide data transformation services for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations typically used in data migration or restoration projects.

De-duplication Service

Duplication of data plagues every database and mailing list. Duplication is inevitable, constantly keeps growing and erodes the quality of your data.

Direct Mail - Presorts

It’s true the United States Postal Service throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: “Mailing list cleanup.

Email-Phone Append

With access to more than 500 million email addresses, Northwest Database Services uses one of the most comprehensive and unique data sets in the industry.


Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which makes us do the work to maintain a high-quality mailing list while you focus on your business.

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Information About Data Cleaning And Data Services

Data cleaning, data cleansing, and data scrubbing in Spokane WA at NW Database ServicesInformation About Data Cleaning

What Is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing (also known as data cleaning or data wrangling) is an important step in data analytics. This vital step, which includes validating and preparing data, is usually done before you start your core analysis. Although data cleaning can be a simple process of removing incorrect data, it is a major part of the overall process. Most of the work is spent on identifying rogue data and, where possible, correcting it.

“Rogue data” refers to data that is incomplete, incorrect, not relevant, corrupted, or otherwise incorrectly formatted. Deduplication, also known as ‘deduping’, is another part of the process. This basically means that identical data points can be merged or removed.
Why is it important to correct such errors?

It’s simple: If you don’t have them, they will NOT impact your analysis. Data analysis is often used to make business decisions. Therefore, it is important to get accurate results. It might seem easier to delete rogue data or insufficient data. This can also cause problems: incomplete data will impact your analysis. Data cleaning has one main goal: to preserve as much data as possible. This improves the reliability of your insights.

Data cleaning is important for more than just data analysis. Data cleaning is important for business housekeeping, or ‘data governance’. Big data sources are constantly evolving and dynamic. Maintaining databases regularly is a great way to stay on top of the latest developments. We’ll be discussing several other benefits of this practice in the next section.

Why Is Data Cleansing Important?

In the world of data analysis, a common refrain is “garbage in and garbage out”. Data analysts use this maxim so often that it even has its own acronym, GIGO. What does this mean? Basically, GIGO is a way to say that if your data quality is poor, any analysis that uses those data will be flawed. It doesn’t matter if you do everything right in the data analytics process.

It is crucial to properly clean data. It’s similar to laying a foundation for your building. If you do it correctly, you can make something sturdy and lasting. If you do it wrong, your building will soon fall. This is why data analysts who are good at data cleaning will spend 60 to 80% of their time cleaning data. Data hygiene is more than just data analytics.

Material for this article originally appeared in the article “What Is Data Cleaning and Why Does It Matter?” in Career Foundry.

Data Cleaning, Data Scrubbing, And Data Cleansing For Spokane WA Businesses

Northwest Database Services has 34+ years experience with all types of data services, including mail presorts, NCOA, and data deduplication. If your database systems are not returning poor data, it is definitely time for you to consult with a data services specialist. We have experience with large and small data sets. Often, data requires extensive manipulation to remove corrupt data and restore the database to proper functionality. Call us at (360)841-8168 for a consultation and get the process of data cleaning started as soon as possible.

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City of Spokane WA Information
NW Database provides data services including data cleaning, data scrubbing, data cleansing and data deduping in Spokane WashingtonNW Database Services is proud to have served Spokane for 34+ years, providing data services to businesses, organizations, and agencies in the Spokane WA area.

A Few Facts About The City Of Spokane

Also called “The Lilac City,” Spokane is the third largest city of Washington and is situated at the heart of Inland Northwest. There is abundant green space and easy access to numerous lakes, mountains, ski resorts and bike paths. It is not just about the wilderness; there are various restaurants, wineries, breweries and performance venues, making Spokane one of the best cities in the US.


Spokane is named after the first residents of the area – The Spokane tribe of Native Americans, which means “Children of the Sun.” they lived on the site centuries ago, and their habitat was concentrated around the Spokane River, a tributary of the Columbia. The residents lived primarily on hunting and fishing.
In 1855, military presence in the area began to grow, and by 1858, the region saw a number of battles between white settlers and the Spokane tribe. The tribe fought to defend their families and their way of life. When the city was first incorporated in 1873, it was called Spokan Falls. Later in 1883, an “e” was added to Spokane and “Falls” was permanently dropped in 1891.
The city experienced its first boom during the gold rush in the area and the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1881. Spokane became the center of regional commerce and the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. The population began to grow exponentially by 1909 when it became the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis.


Spokane takes pride in its four-weather climate. With nearly 2000 days of sunshine. The summer months are dry, warm and mostly clear. Winders are cold and cloudy. The average temperature is between 26°F and 88°F. Spokane receives about 17 inches of snow every year.


The population of Spokane is more cosmopolitan than other cities in Washington. The demographics of the city are diverse and much more dynamic. People moving to Spokane are called “Tech Refugees” as they are young and creative, working in many of the tech companies located here and in nearby cities such as Portland and Seattle. The absence of income or inheritance tax attracts not only working professionals but also attract retirees to the city. With the Fairchild Air Force Base located nearby, Spokane is also home to thousands of military families.

Local Transportation

While the best way to get around Spokane is by car, there is other public transportation available. Spokane has an extensive public transportation system that runs 365 days a year. Bus routes run throughout the city and connect the major landmarks. There are also heavy rail stations – Spokane Intermodal Center and Amtrak that allow commutes to and from the city to the surrounding areas. You can also find car and bike rentals to get around the city. There are two airports in the city, one of which is international.

Top Businesses

Agriculture is the major player in Spokane’s economy, with over 2.500 farms. Leading segments employing locals include food processing, printing, wood processing, electrical and computing equipment, transportation equipment, metal refining and more. The Bonneville Dam offers its manufacturing unit inexpensive power along with access to rail and highway systems.