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We provide data services to businesses and organizations in Riverside CA and all California cities. With over 3 decades of experience in the database business, you won’t find a company that can solve your specific database needs with higher quality service or better prices than Northwest Database Services. No matter what your specific need is, our team will find a data service solution to suit your situation.


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Northwest Database Services is a full-spectrum data service that has been performing data migration, data scrubbing, data cleaning, and de-duping data services for databases and mailing lists, for over 34 years. NW Database Services provides data services to all businesses, organizations, and agencies in Riverside CA and surrounding communities.

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When you need your data to speak to you regarding your business’s trends, buying patterns or just whether or not your customers are still living.

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We provide data transformation services for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations typically used in data migration or restoration projects.

De-duplication Service

Duplication of data plagues every database and mailing list. Duplication is inevitable, constantly keeps growing and erodes the quality of your data.

Direct Mail - Presorts

It’s true the United States Postal Service throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: “Mailing list cleanup.

Email-Phone Append

With access to more than 500 million email addresses, Northwest Database Services uses one of the most comprehensive and unique data sets in the industry.


Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which makes us do the work to maintain a high-quality mailing list while you focus on your business.

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Information About Data Cleaning And Data Services

What Is Data Wrangling For Data Cleaning?

Data cleaning in Riverside CA is just one of the many services provided by NW Database Services

Data wrangling is a process that involves transforming data to make it more manageable. If your source data is already stored in a database, you can remove many of the more difficult tasks. Unstructured data, which is more common, will require more work. Data wrangling is just one of the steps in an overall data cleaning service.

These steps are used often in data wrangling. The process is a continuous one. You may not need to do some of these steps, or others may require repeating. They will also rarely happen in the exact same order. You still need to be able to identify them all!

Extracting Data

Data extraction is not something that everyone considers a part of data wrangling. It is, however, a crucial aspect of data wrangling. Without first gathering data, you can’t transform it. Planning is essential at this stage. This stage requires planning. The data will then be pulled from the source in its raw format. You can use a website, third-party repository or another location to pull the data. It doesn’t matter if it is unstructured, raw data.

Exercising Exploratory Data Analysis (Eda).

EDA is the process of determining the structure of a dataset and summarizing its key features. It depends on how complicated the data is and whether you want to do it immediately or later. EDA is about getting to know the data and how you can proceed.

Data Structure

Freshly collected data is often in unstructured formats. They lack a model and are therefore completely unorganized. Although unstructured data is often heavy in text, it may also include ID codes, dates and numbers – and requires data cleaning. You will need to parse your data in order to structure it. Parsing is the act of extracting relevant information. You might, for example, parse HTML code from a website and extract the relevant information. You might end up with a more intuitive spreadsheet that contains the useful data in columns, headings and classes.

Cleansing the Data

Once you have a structure for your data, you can apply algorithms to clean it up. With tools such as R and Python, you can automate many algorithmic tasks. These can be used to find outliers and delete duplicates. Standardize measurement systems and standardize measurements.

Data Enrichment

After your data is in order, you will need to verify that it meets your needs. You may wish to enrich your dataset at this point. Data enrichment is the process of combining your data with data from other sources. This could be done with data from third-party providers or internal systems. You might want to collect more data points in order to improve your analysis’s accuracy. It could also be to fill in the gaps. Let’s say you combine two customer information databases that each contain telephone numbers. Remember, data wrangling is part of the larger picture for data cleaning.

Material for this article originally appeared on Career Foundry.

Northwest Database Services has 34+ years experience with all types of data services, including mail presorts, NCOA, and data deduplication. If your database systems are not returning poor data, it is definitely time for you to consult with a data services specialist. We have experience with large and small data sets. Often, data requires extensive manipulation to remove corrupt data and restore the database to proper functionality. Call us at (360)841-8168 for a consultation and get the process of data cleaning started as soon as possible.

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City of Riverside CA Information

Data cleaning services in Riverside CA at NW Database Services company.

Riverside is the county seat for Riverside County in California, United States. It is located in the Inland Empire metro area. Its name is a result of its proximity to the Santa Ana River. It is located approximately 50 miles (80km) southeast of Los Angeles. It is also part the Greater Los Angeles region. Riverside is the 61st most populous US city and the 12th most populous in California. It had 314,998 residents as of 2020. Riverside, along with San Bernardino is a major city in the 13th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the country. The Riverside-San Bernardino–Ontario MSA (pop. The population of 4,599,839) is just below San Francisco (4 749,008) and Detroit (4 392,041).


Riverside was established in the 1870s. It is home to the Mission Inn, which is the largest Mission Revival Style building in the country. It also houses the Riverside National Cemetery as well as the Eastern Division of Federal District Court for Central District of California.

The area was inhabited in the 18th and early 19th centuries by the Serrano and Cahuilla peoples. Ranches were established by Californios like Juan Bandini and Bernardo Yorba in the first half century of the 20th century.

Louis Prevost, a short-lived experimenter in sericulture, founded the California Silk Center Association in the 1860s. John W. North bought some of the land from the California Silk Center Association and created the Southern California Colony Association in response to its failure.


Riverside has a semiarid climate according to the Koppen climate classification BSh. However, Riverside also has an arid climate according to the Koppen climate classification BWh. This means that there are hot, dry summers, and mild, but not too wet winters. Average monthly temperatures range from 54.8 degrees F (12.7 degrees Celsius) in December to 79.5 degrees Fahrenheit (26.6°C) August. Temperatures reach the freezing mark on average and 100 degrees (38 degC), respectively, on 3.5 and 21.6 days per year. Temperature records range from 18 degrees (-8°C) on January 15, 1911 to 118 degrees (48°C) on July 17, 2015, June 16, 1917 and July 6, 2018. Riverside averages 9.39 inches (239 mm), of precipitation per year. Most of this precipitation occurs on 35 days. The wettest months are February and November.


Riverside, California had a population estimate of 303.871 at the 2010 census. The population density was 3,731.0 people per square mile (1.440.5/km2). Riverside’s racial makeup was 171,669 (6.5%) White, 21,421 (7.0% African American), 3,467 (1.1% Native American), 22,566 (7.4% Asian (1.7% Filipino), 1.0% Chinese, 1.0% Vietnamese and 1.0% Indonesian, 0.1% Pakistani), 1,219 (0.4% Pacific Islander), 68,111 (22.4%) of other races, and 15,418 (5.1%) from two or more races. Hispanic and Latinos of any race were 148.953 people (49.0%); 41.8% are Mexican, 1.1% Guatemalans, 1.0% Salvadorans, 0.3% Cubans, 0.2% Nicaraguans, 0.2% Colombians, and 1.1% Salvadorans. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 34.0% of the 2010 population, a decrease from 82.1% in 1970.


Three major freeways serve Riverside: I-215, State Route 60 and State Route 91. These freeways intersect in northeastern Riverside at an interchange on multiple levels that was rebuilt in 2007.

Three Metrolink stations are located in the city: Riverside-Downtown and Riverside-La Sierra. Riverside-Hunter Park/UCR is also available. Both the Inland Empire – Orange County and 91/Perris Valley lines serve the first two stations. The Downtown station is served on weekdays by the Riverside Line and weekends by the San Bernardino Line. On weekdays, the Hunter Park station can be reached by the 91/Perris Valley Line. Amtrak’s Southwest Chief runs from Los Angeles to Chicago and also serves the city.

The Riverside Transit Agency provides local bus service. Omnitrans Greyhound Lines and Amtrak California provide intercity bus service. A few small operators also serve the Mexican cross-border market.

Ontario International Airport, Ontario, California is the closest airport that offers commercial airline service. Riverside Municipal Airport is an airfield within Riverside’s city limits. However, it does not offer commercial airline service. It is used primarily for private aviation, and hosts the Riverside Air Show every year.

Top Businesses

Riverside’s economy is dominated by light-industry. It produces a variety of products such as aircraft components, automotive parts and gas cylinders. Many industrial parks support the manufacturing sector, including the Hunter Industrial Parks, Sycamore Canyon Industrial Parks and Airport Industrial Areas. Riverside is the county seat and largest city in Riverside County. It also hosts many legal, accounting and engineering firms. Although citrus packing and production still exists in the city, the industry is declining.

American electronics company Bourns, Inc., is based in Riverside.

Citrus is declining in many parts of the Inland Empire, where urbanization has made it uneconomical.


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