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We provide data services to businesses and organizations in Long Beach CA and all California cities. With over 3 decades of experience in the database business, you won’t find a company that can solve your specific database needs with higher quality service or better prices than Northwest Database Services. No matter what your specific need is, our team will find a data service solution to suit your situation.


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Northwest Database Services is a full-spectrum data service that has been performing data migration, data scrubbing, data cleaning, and de-duping data services for databases and mailing lists, for over 34 years. NW Database Services provides data services to all businesses, organizations, and agencies in Long Beach CA and surrounding communities.

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Database Services

When you need your data to speak to you regarding your business’s trends, buying patterns or just whether or not your customers are still living.

Data Transformation

We provide data transformation services for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations typically used in data migration or restoration projects.

De-duplication Service

Duplication of data plagues every database and mailing list. Duplication is inevitable, constantly keeps growing and erodes the quality of your data.

Direct Mail - Presorts

It’s true the United States Postal Service throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: “Mailing list cleanup.

Email-Phone Append

With access to more than 500 million email addresses, Northwest Database Services uses one of the most comprehensive and unique data sets in the industry.


Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which makes us do the work to maintain a high-quality mailing list while you focus on your business.

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Data cleaning in Long Beach CA at NW Database Services

What Is Quantitative Data? FAQs

Who Uses Quantitative Data?

Quantitative data is used in many fields–not just data analytics (though, you could argue that all of these fields are at least data-analytics-adjacent)! Quantitative data is used in many fields, including economics, epidemiology and psychology. It is less likely that quantitative data will be used in fields like history and anthropology.

Is Quantitative Data Better Than Qualitative Data?

It would be difficult to argue which data collection method is better, as it all depends on what type of project you are working on. Quantitative research, however, provides more information than qualitative research that can be used for objective, informed decisions.

Where Can Quantitative Data Be Used?

Quantitative data can be used to quantify a problem. This is used to answer questions such as “how many …”” or “how frequently …”,, for example.

What Is Quantitative Data in Stats?

Statistics is a broad term that refers to data collection, organization, and analysis. It’s natural that quantitative data also falls under this umbrella. This includes the practice of measuring and counting data sets in accordance with a research question, or set of research requirements.

Can Quantitative Data Be Ordinal?

Ordinal data refers to a type statistical data in which variables are sorted into ranges and the distance between them are unknown. You can think of the hospital pain scale, which measures how much pain you feel on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest. But, it’s not possible to quantify the difference between 1-10. It’s all about how you feel.

This logic means that ordinal data is not classified as quantitative data but qualitative data. This post will provide more information about data levels.

Is Quantitative Data Objective?

It is objective because of the way quantitative data is generated, that is, it is based on reproducible and verifiable methods.

Structured Vs. Unstructured Data: What’s the Difference?

Data analysts must be able to differentiate between data types. All types of big data can be classified into one of two categories: unstructured or structured data.

Data should be organized into tables, columns, rows in an ideal world. It is neatly stored in a warehouse or relational database. This makes it easy to extract useful information from it. Data rarely begins this way. Raw data, which is unstructured, can be a stream of chaotic information stored in large, disorganized repositories called data lakes. You’ll have trouble applying traditional analytics to this kind of data. First, your data must be in order and cohesive before you can gain insights. Once this is complete, you can begin targeted activities such as data mining (identifying patterns in a data set) or predictive analysis (testing hypotheses).

Material for this article originally appeared on Career Foundry.

Northwest Database Services has 34+ years experience with all types of data services, including mail presorts, NCOA, and data deduplication. If your database systems are not returning poor data, it is definitely time for you to consult with a data services specialist. We have experience with large and small data sets. Often, data requires extensive manipulation to remove corrupt data and restore the database to proper functionality. Call us at (360)841-8168 for a consultation and get the process of data cleaning started as soon as possible.

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City of Long Beach CA Information

Data cleaning services in Long Beach CA from NW Database Services

Long Beach is located in Los Angeles County, California. With a population of 466 742 as of 2020, it is the 42nd most populous US city. Long Beach, a charter city is the seventh most populous city of California.

Long Beach was established in 1897. It is located in Southern California, in the southern portion of Los Angeles County. Long Beach, located approximately 20 miles (32km) south of Los Angeles’ downtown area, is part of the Gateway Cities. The Port of Long Beach, which is America’s second busiest container port, is also one of the largest shipping ports in the world. The city lies over an oilfield that has minor wells, both below and offshore.

It is well-known for its waterfront attractions such as the RMS Queen Mary, which is permanently docked, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Long Beach hosts the Grand Prix of Long Beach and IndyCar race. It also hosts the Long Beach Pride Festival and Parade. California State University, Long Beach is located within the city. It is one of the largest California universities by enrollment.


In 1897, the City of Long Beach was incorporated. The city grew from a small seaside resort to light agricultural purposes. From 1902 to 1969, the Pike was the most popular beachside amusement area on the West Coast. It offered visitors food, games, and rides such as the Sky Wheel dual Ferris wheel or the Cyclone Racer rollercoaster. The city’s mainstays became the oil industry, the Navy shipyard, facilities and port. It was known as “Iowa at the sea” in the 1950s due to the large number of immigrants from the Midwest. From the 1950s, Long Beach was home to huge picnics that welcomed migrants from all 50 states.


Long Beach’s climate can be described as either a hot, semi-arid climate, or a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. The city experiences hot summers and mild to moderate winters with occasional rain. Long Beach days are sunny like in Southern California. The Long Beach Airport weather station, located 4.0 miles (6.4km) inland, records temperatures that are higher than those on the coast. Low clouds and fog are common during the summer months. They form overnight and cover the area in many mornings. The fog clears up by mid-afternoon and the sea breeze blows westward, which keeps temperatures cool. High humidity and heat can sometimes occur in summer. This may lead to discomfort from the heat index.


According to the 2010 United States Census, Long Beach had 462,257 inhabitants. The population density was 9,191.3 people per square mile (3.548.8/km2). Long Beach’s racial makeup was: 213,066 (46.1%) white, 62,603 (13.5%) black or African American), 3,458 (0.7% Native American), 59,496 (12.9%), Asian (4.5% Filipino), 3.9% Cambodian), 0.6% Thai, 0.1% Laotian and 0.1% Hmong), 5,253 (2.1%) Pacific Islander (0.8% Samoan; 0.1% Guamanian; 0.1% Tongan), 23,451 (5.3%) There were 188,412 Hispanics or Latinos of any race (40.8%). 32.9% of the population of the city was Mexican-American. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 29.4% in 2010 compared to 86.2% in 1970.


The Port of Long Beach, which shipped 66 million metric tons of cargo in 2001, was the second busiest US seaport and the tenth busiest worldwide. It serves shipping between the United States of America and the Pacific Rim. The Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles combine to make the USA’s busiest ports.

Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railroad provide rail shipping, carrying about half the trans-shipments to the port. Long Beach contributed to the Alameda corridor project, which increased the capacity of rail lines, roads and highways linking the port with Los Angeles. It was completed in 2002 and measured 20 miles (32km) in length and 33 feet (10m) deep. This trench was used to eliminate 200 grade crossings. The project cost approximately US$2.4 billion.

Top Businesses

Los Altos Center, which is located within the city limits, is the only mall that is anchored by major departmental stores. Lakewood Center mall is nearby to Long Beach. Long Beach was the main retail hub between Santa Ana and Los Angeles until the 1950s. Robert’s, Walker’s, and Buffum’s all had flagship stores in Long Beach. Later, the Long Beach Plaza mall and Marina Pacifica mall were constructed. They have been repurposed to become retail power centers. Long Beach Towne Center is the largest shopping center in the city. It was built on the site where the Long Beach Naval Hospital was located. New retail centers include the Pike Outlets, 2nd & PCH and 2nd & PCH.


Long Beach CA Map